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As you ride up the mountain to the first hole at Skye Golf in the Whitecap Mountains, you'll understand why everybody rides a cart and that your cart is included with your green fees. You'll ascend some 200 feet above Weber Lake as you reach the crest for the first tees. Now you're ready for championship golf amid breathtaking views overlooking our main lodge, the lake and the ancient Penokee Mountains.

Here's a narrow sweet spot with a stone wall and pond approach. For the lesser drive, watch out. You continue your ascent up Whitecap Mountain as you begin to really get accustomed to the luxury of bent grass fairways.

Take a lazy dog leg to the right, avoiding the water on the left. To the south you'll see Wisconsin's old iron range between the parallel Penokee and Davos mountain ranges that once stood as tall as the Alps.

This is the only basic, straight-forward hole at Skye. All you really need here is a great drive or second shot to achieve par. When it comes to Wisconsin golf resorts, you're going to discover your highland experience at Skye Golf in the Whitecap Mountains is like none other.

Take your time to absorb the view before lining up your shot on the Fifth Tee. You're about nine miles from Lake Superior's South Shore and from this vista -1,100 feet above that enormous expanse of blue water -you can see across to the Apostle Islands. After you've taken in this million dollar view, you can focus on reaching the green well down the mountain.

You've got a football field's worth of length from the White Tee Box, a little more from the blue, a little less from the red and yellow boxes. Relish the luxury of the bent grass on our longest fairway as you calculate your shot from one of the four tiered tee boxes. Soar over a mountain stream, landing upon a green embraced by blue granite. Now you're beginning to feel what it's like to play golf in the Scottish highlands.

As you migrate southward on one of the best golf courses in the Midwest, enjoy the challenge of this pastoral fairway with two oval ponds and a granite wall on the left and a trap on the right. Pictures just can't do justice to the golfing experience you're going to have at Skye Golf in the Whitecap Mountains.

Drive 175 yards over water to set yourself up for par or better. The ladies tee is on an island. This is the toughest par four on our golf course. Spend a few days and enjoy our wide variety of lodging as you master the eighth hole and all of the rest while unwinding in the Whitecap Mountains.

Here's where your time spent on our world-class aquatic driving range will pay off. It's a possible eagle for the long ball ... and a possible double bogey for the faint hearted. The mountain terrain unfolding before your eyes is beautiful in any season. Yet some favor the fiery colors of autumn when nature paints spectacularly colorful frames around our fairways.

Begin your back nine with a straight forward approach. Let your ball sail over the water and down the narrow fairway. The back nine may be executive length, but you'll find the challenge of a championship golf course as you continue to round out 18 holes at Skye Golf in the Whitecap Mountains.

The 11th hole at Skye Golf is a little bit tricky. Yet it's a possible eagle for those able to shoot through the dog leg. Did we mention the fresh mountain air? Discover air quality rated higher than95 by the EPA (that's compared to a national average of 44.59 ... or 41 in Appleton, 33 in Green Bay, 25 in Madison, 12 in Milwaukee, 11 in Minneapolis and a 1 in Chicago and Los Angeles). You see. Golf in the Hurley area starts being healthy the moment you arrive.

Here's where your accuracy will be challenged. Skye is a golf course designed for the accurate shot. Watch for the water to the right of the green and the marsh to the left. The U.S. Geological Survey notes that the terrain upon which you're golfing covers the tops of three distinct mountains within the ancient Penokee Range, which we've dubbed Whitecap, Thunderhead and Eagles Nest.

We've warned you about our mountains and the feel of an authentic Scottish highland golf game. Now experience it for yourself as all four tees give you an eagle's eye view of the generous green far below. With this kind of terrain, you might just forget you were playing at a premier Midwest golf course.

Golfers enjoy our beautiful 14th hole where it's possible for iron to green shooting. It's a challenge getting through this dog leg with consequences. But you're not here to play golf on yet another pasture. You're in the Whitecap Mountains now ... playing on some of the most unique golfing terrain in the entire Midwest.

You're still in a civilized setting amid our vast hardwood forests, yet the tranquility at Skye Golf in the Whitecap Mountainswill surprise you. Here on the 15th hole, you'll discover that a short drive can still achieve par.

As you play your way around our 18 holes of golf, you'll discover that each hole is worthy to be called a signature hole in it's own right. Yet when you arrive at our 16th hole, you'll discover why our shortest fairway is our own personal signature Isle of Skye. It's a short drive from the elevated, tiered tee boxes. Yet your aim will be challenged on one of the most beautiful spots in the Midwest. The green is an island surrounded by a mountain spring-fed moat.

When you reach the 17th hole, you'll know your golf challenge isn't over yet. You'll still experience world-class championship golf as you take on our most challenging par five. Watch for that narrow, up-hill approach on the edge of this mountain green. You might have noticed that our surveyor measured the back nine in meters ... so you're getting more yards than you think. Not to worry, the actual yardage is marked on stones at each tee.

When you come upon the 18th hole, know this: the landing over is a must as you tee-off from a considerable elevation. The accurate shot is rewarded here! Forward tees are often used. What's this? Still trying to wrap your head around that surveyor using meters on the back nine of our golf course? OK, well here's how it works. Those 400 meters from the blue tees here on the 18th translate to 437.6 yards. And the back nine's 2,110 meters works out to 2,308.34 yards. There's an extra 3.37 inches in a meter over a yard. So it's about a yard and a tenth when talking meters in sports and athletics. Now return to the 18th hole. This one requires your undivided attention.

What would a World Class Championship Golf Course be without a secluded spot in which you could get away to warm up? Skye Golf in the Whitecap Mountains, overlooking Lake Superior's South Shore from the top of Wisconsin, offers you the perfect spot. Our unique, aquatic driving range is removed from the course, allowing you quiet and privacy as you prepare to sail your ball over the long fairways and water on our 18 holes.

Skye Golf in the Whitecap Mountains

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